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Intro to ASL Activities (Video)

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fall 2019 ASL Online and ASL Office Hours, as well as video introduction into ASL Activities. Click on the posters below for details and registration link.

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POPDHH – ASL Office Hours Video
POPDHH – Introduction to ASL Activities

What’s POPDHH Been Up To

TDHH Mentorship September 18 – 20, 2019
The first meeting of year 2 took place in Burnaby, September 18 to 20. The central topic of the 3-day, interactive and activity filled workshop was Accessibility in the Classroom. TDHHs took turns presenting on Technology Access, IEP planning, Service Delivery Models, and ASL in the Mainstream Classrooms. We also had a guest speaker Alayna Finlay who provided a short workshop on ASL Literacy. Team building wrapped up with a dinner and a surprise birthday celebration for one of the attendees. We look forward to seeing the group again in February next year.

The First Annual Kootenay Konnection at Blue Lake Camp September 25th -27th, 2019

Contribution by Jamie Corpuz, TDHH from Rocky Mountain School District:

Grade 4-12 Kootenay students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing came together to connect, have fun and learn at Blue Lake Camp in Canal Flats. This event was made possible through funding from the Provincial Outreach Program: Deaf & Hard of Hearing (POPDHH) and their co-planning with the Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (TDHH) from Southeast Kootenay SD5, Rocky Mountain SD6, Kootenay Lake SD8, and Kootenay-Columbia SD20. For some students, this was the first time that they have met someone else their age who has a different hearing level – please don’t say hearing impaired anymore! It was also the first time some were exposed to American Sign Language (ASL). Terry Maloney, Vice Principal/Educational Consultant/TDHH for POPDHH is Deaf and uses the services of a Sign Language Interpreter. He facilitated several energetic and expressive ASL activities for the students. Regardless of their mode of communication, everyone at the camp was interacting, sharing and making new friends while participating in low ropes challenges, survival skills, co-operative games, and camp duties. These 3 days and 2 nights together were a great start to the school year to help develop the Core Competencies of Communication, Positive Personal & Cultural Identity and Personal Awareness & Responsibility. It was a meaningful opportunity for the students to observe and experience diversity amongst themselves as well as feel included by the community they created together. There will definitely be a second Kootenay Konnection next year!

“When you’ve met one deaf child you’ve met one deaf child.” – Marc Marschark

POPDHH Workshop for Professionals working with DHH Students –
Prince George September 27, 2019

John Warren, Terry Maloney and Lynley Lewis visited Prince George at the end of September. 27 professionals from 4 school districts (North and Interior) participated in the workshop on September 27th.

Lynley presented on supporting the DHH needs in the classroom by exploring topics related to deafness, advocacy, classroom strategies, listening challenges and literacy supports.

John’s afternoon session helped participants to see how they could adapt their approach with any student who is DHH regardless of communication modality.  He explored barriers to a child’s comprehension when language was delivered piecemeal and the resultant gaps impacted full understanding.

On Saturday, POPDHH teamed up with PDHHS  at the Northern BC Children and Families Hearing Society to present an ASL workshop for families who have deaf or hard of hearing children, as well as ASL skills development for parents and professionals.  John, Terry and Heather Kimola taught development of participants’ receptive and expressive language skills through games, activities and demonstrations.

POPDHH library 

POPDHH library – new items available!

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