Provincial Lending Library

Our Library is Open for Business!

To request books or ask for suggestions on topics/assessments please contact

Where else would you find ASL Poetry next to Cochlear Implants? or Speech beside “YOU-DEAF” signing story book?

The POPDHH Library, of course!

The POPDHH Library is located at the B.C.School for the Deaf, South Slope Elementary School, Burnaby.

Materials may be borrowed by Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, SLPs and parents in B.C. If you don’t have an account, you can browse our catalogue as a guest. To request resources and become a patron, email our Office Support Staff, Ivana, at

As a patron, you can search for resources, including books, videos, journal articles, assessments, etc.; To order, click on Add to list to put the items you want to order into MyList, then, in MyList, under Resource Lists, use the Printable button and File/Save as functions to save a text file which you can e-mail to Ivana. Remember to give her your name and mailing address, the name and number of your school district and your job title.