BC Deaf Community

According to Schein, there are two central forces at play in creating the Deaf Community. The first “centrifugal force” pushes Deaf and hard of hearing people AWAY from the hearing majority (through alienation and discrimination). The second centrifugal force pulls Deaf and hard of hearing people TOWARD each other because of their shared experiences and affiliation (referred to in Deaf Learners, Moores, 2006, p 116). Padden and Humphries (1988), also quoted in Moores book, adds that the Deaf community may include people who are themselves not deaf but who actively support the goals of the Deaf community and work with (rather than for) Deaf people.

Below is a list of Deaf organizations in the province of BC:

Deaf Organizations:


Deaf Sports:

BC Deaf Sports


ACE-BC – Inclusive Learning Though Equitable Access

IDHHC- Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre

MIS- Medical Interpreting Service

Provincial Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Provincial Resource Program – Auditory Outreach

WAVLI- West Coast Association of Visual Language Interpreters

Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deaf-Blind Well-Being Program

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Deaf Youth and Children:

BC Early Hearing Program

BC Family Hearing Resource Centre

Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC

Deaf Children’s Society of BC

Family Network for Deaf Children

Provincial Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

ASL Courses:

Burnaby Online

Douglas College ASL Courses – Introductory Program

Douglas College  – ASL Interpeter Program

Vancouver Community College – ASL and Deaf Studies