Student Events

POPDHH collaborates with school districts and private schools to provide student events in various regions. The focus of these events is for students to develop a sense of community and identity with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in nearby communities and develop a strong sense of belonging.

The focus of all of these student events is on the BC curricular competencies of positive personal and cultural identity, communication and critical thinking. We also provide learning opportunities with Deaf and Hard of Hearing role models who use various modes of communication.

This event is open to all DHH students in the province and hosted in the Lower Mainland.

This brand new event replaces the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Connections Week and spans two days of activities for DHH students across the province.
– DHHproud-Showcase that features DHH Art, ASL Poetry, and Spotlight communication competition.
– Friendship Day – different activities, field trips, and special guests each year


These workshops can be tailored to the student and learning community. The goal of the student workshops is to foster a sense of community through understanding diversity, being inclusive of deaf and hard of hearing students, and engaging in stories and activities. Some examples of student workshop topics can include:

  • Building Connections with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Role Models
  • Communication: Breaking Down Barriers
  • ASL Workshops (beginner and advanced)
  • Communicating with Gestures and Pictures
  • Technology Supports for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Building a Community of Understanding: How to include Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students within our Learning Community


POPDHH visits communities to offer opportunities for students to come together, meet other Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and build life-long friendships that foster a sense of identity and community. Some examples of past/current on the road events include:

  • Elkhaven Camp – For Vancouver Island students grades 4 and up
  • Elkgrove  Camp – For Fraser Valley students grades 4 and up
  • Elkcanoe Camp – For Okanagan and area students grades 4 and up
  • Kootenay Konnection DHH Outdoor Education Camp – For Kootenay and area students grades 4 and up

POPDHH also hosts or sponsors daytime events for students Grade K – 12, such as Greater Victoria Beach Day, Peace River North Annual DHH get-together, local movie matinees, and more.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating with POPDHH to host a student event.