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POPDHH Request for Consultation

Referrals and requests for POPDHH Consultation are made by School District personnel and must be approved by the Director or Principal responsible for Special Education in the District.

*Now accepting for school year 2021-2022.

Request for Technology Loan

POPDHH has a limited number of iPads and MacBooks, primarily to loan out to students in remote areas who need a faster processor in order to use Zoom or Skype with our ASL consultant. 

Interact-AS (captioning software) is no longer loaned out. For info on how to access speech to text services, check out our page Speech to Text Solutions

School District Funding Request for Student Events

Do you have an event or activity to plan for you Deaf and Hard of Hearing students? Need some financial support to make
it happen? Click here for the form. For regional events click here to see Rules and restrictions. For local events please submit a poster of your event along with the funding request form.