Websites and Links

Info To Go (Gallaudet)

This site is designed to share information and provide resources with professionals and families on a variety of topics related to children and young people under 21 years of age who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Visit the Gallaudet website.

Karen Anderson’s website: Success for Kids with Hearing Loss

This is a ‘go-to’ site for professionals and family members seeking more information about the learning and social issues of children with hearing loss* and what you can do to better support the future success of these children. Resources are at no cost, designed to be easy to understand quickly, and practical to use. Products and webcasts are of high value at a minimum price” (excerpted from her website).

Cheryl Deconde Johnson

Contains FLE protocols and FAPI

Rehab Centre

Infographics on addictions

National Deaf Children’s Society

This section is for professionals working with deaf children.
Download our resources for professionals working with deaf children
and young people.

NDCS: Other professional resources – Education

Resources developed by the Government or other organisations for education professionals who work with deaf children.