TDHH Mentorship

POPDHH runs a Mentorship program for TDHHs in the province looking for professional development and mentorship opportunities with colleagues in the field. Each cohort meets 6 times over 2 years and are accepted through an application process. Our mentorship program does not run as an alternative to the TDHH certification required to work as a TDHH in BC. For information about becoming a TDHH please visit the UBC Special Education website.

As part of the mentorship program, participants build collegiality, share learning and resources and take on leadership roles to present to their colleagues. POPDHH, with support from the TDHH’s school district, travel to a central location to participate in 3 days of workshops. Between in person meetings, participants also connect regularly to answer questions, join online webinars and share resources. POPDHH also offers evening team building activities for participants to build connections and develop relationships between colleagues in the field.

This is what the past and current Mentorship District Partners have told us about the program:

“The mentorship program has been very valuable in building connections and expertise amongst specialized teachers in the province.”

“I am new in my position as a TDHH and POPDHH has been amazing in providing the mentorship program so I can connect with other TDHH across the province to collaborate, share resources and troubleshoot.”

“POPDHH excels in their TDHH Mentorship Program, especially for isolated TDHH’s in remote/rural areas.”

The information and application package for the 2020 – 2022 cohort will be published early in 2020.